Selected 36 Quotes on Food

Quotes on Food

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Quotes on Food from Manusmriti

Food should always be worshipped and taken with the utmost reverence. The sight of food should delight one’s heart and fill it with joy. It should always be cherished whatever the situation. Food thus honoured gives one strength and energy. Food taken irreverently destroys both strength and energy.

– Manusmriti


Quotes on Food from Ayurveda

In fact, Ayurveda considers diet to be the most important factor in health and uses food for medicinal purposes as well as for nutritional effects. Herbal remedies, massage, exercise, and spiritual practice can balance and repair the body, but its is a “good diet” that gives us an easy, everyday opportunity to take control of our health.

– Ayurveda





Food, gloriuos food!


Quotes on Food from Arabic proverbs

The food of the lion (causes) indigestion to the wolf.

– Arabic proverbs

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Quotes on Food from Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

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Quotes on Food from Taxi Driver

June 29th. I gotta get in shape now. Too much sittin’ is ruinin’ my body. Too much abuse has gone on for too long. From now on, it will be fifty push-ups each morning, fifty pull-ups. There’ll be no more pills, there’ll be no more bad food, no more destroyers of my body. From now on, it will be total organization. Every muscle must be tight.

– Taxi Driver

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This species of food [fruits and farinacea] is that which is most suited to man, as is proved by the series of quadrupeds, analogy, wild men, apes, the structure of the mouth, of the stomach, and of the hands.


Quotes on Food from Animal rights

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Quotes on Food from Importance

Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

– Importance

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Quotes on Food from Percy Bysshe Shelley

Chameleons feed on light and air:
Poets’ food is love and fame.

– Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Quotes on Food from Irreligiousness

Quotes on Food from Mississippi (film)

Whilst travelling through the Andes mountains, we lost our corkscrew. Had to live on food and water for several days!

– Mississippi (film)

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Quotes on Food from Brian Regan

My doctor is always telling me to read food labels. I’m in the store readin’ the fig newtons label.

– Brian Regan

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Quotes on Food from The Road to Wigan Pier

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The gull shall whistle in his wake, the blind wave break in fire.
He shall fulfill God’s utmost will, unknowing His desire,
And he shall see old planets pass and alien stars arise,
And give the gale his reckless sail in shadow of new skies.
Strong lust of gear shall drive him out and hunger arm his hand,
To wring his food from a desert nude, his foothold from the sand.

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There is but a very minute portion of the creation which we can turn into food and clothes, or gratification for the body; but the whole creation may be used to minister to the sense of beauty.

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Quotes on Food from Gosford Park

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Quotes on Food from Plants

“Or he might say: ‘Whereas some honorable recluses and brahmins, while living on food offered by the faithful, continuously cause damage to seed and plant life — to plants propagated from roots, stems, joints, buddings, and seeds — the recluse Gotama abstains from damaging seed and plant life.’

– Plants


Quotes on Food from Mata Amritanandamayi

Just as our bodies need proper food to live and develop, our souls need love to blossom. The strength and nourishment that love can give our souls is even more potent than the nourishing power of a mother’s milk for a baby.

– Mata Amritanandamayi

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Quotes on Food from Martin Amis

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Quotes on Food from A Calendar of Wisdom

A person who has spoiled his stomach will criticize his meal saying that the food is bad; the same thing happens with people who are not satisfied with their lives.

– A Calendar of Wisdom

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Quotes on Food from Harvey Danger

I had a lovely brunch with Jesus Christ
He said “Two words about inanity, Fundamental Christianity”
the food was very nice
but then he had to go and die for my sins and stick my ass with the check

– Harvey Danger


Quotes on Food from Rob Payne

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Quotes on Food from The Killing Fields (film)

We must be like the ox, and have no thought, except for the Party. And have no love, but for the Angkar. People starve, but we must not grow food. We must honor the comrade children, whose minds are not corrupted by the past.

– The Killing Fields (film)

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Quotes on Food from Nigel Slater

It is the deep, salty stickiness of food that intrigues me more than any other quality.

– Nigel Slater

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Quotes on Food from Paul Graham

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Quotes on Food from John Hoover (consultant)

Hierarchical organizations are typically run by…little Napoleons and Napoleonettes; especially at mid-organization level. … A hierarchical organizational design draws leadership focus and energy away from problem solving and progressive thinking by encouraging those climbing the organizational food chain to focus instead on protecting their positions, perks, and territory.

– John Hoover (consultant)

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Quotes on Food from Fictional last words in video games

It shall never be said that I am ungrateful. Here is the antidote. And if Mr Jones does this for me, I will also give him my secret book of recipes. I know how much he liked my food, before this regrettable incident…

– Fictional last words in video games


Quotes on Food from Soybean

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Quotes on Food from Discworld

Adventure! People talked about the idea as if it was something worthwhile, rather than a mess of bad food, no sleep, and strange people inexplicably trying to stick pointed objects in bits of you. (p. 45)

– Discworld

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Quotes on Food from Kalle Lasn

[Culture] Jammers are now mobilizing to repeat the tobacco story in many other areas of life. We’re going to take on the global automakers, the chemical companies, the food industries, the fashion corporations and the pop-culture marketers in a free-information environment …We want auto executives to feel just as squeezed and beleaguered as tobacco executives. We want them to have a hard time looking their kids in the eye and explaining exactly what they do for a living.

– Kalle Lasn

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Quotes on Food from Genetics

I stand by my assertions that although you can know what happens to any individual species that you modify, you cannot be certain what will happen to the ecosystem. Also, we have a strange situation where we have malnourished fat people. It’s not that we need more food. It’s that we need to manage our food system better. So when corporations seek government funding for genetic modification of food sources, I stroke my chin.

– Genetics


Quotes on Food from Malcolm X

If the master’s house caught on fire, the house Negro would fight harder to put the blaze out than the master would. If the master got sick, the house Negro would say, “What’s the matter, boss, we sick?” We sick! He identified himself with his master, more than his master identified with himself. And if you came to the house Negro and said, “Let’s run away, let’s escape, let’s separate,” the house Negro would look at you and say, “Man, you crazy. What you mean, separate? Where is there a better house than this? Where can I wear better clothes than this? Where can I eat better food than this?” That was that house Negro. In those days he was called a “house nigger.” And that’s what we call them today, because we’ve still got some house niggers running around here.

– Malcolm X

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Quotes on Food from Kent Hovind

In my creation/evolution ministry, I say there are only two philosophies of health and medicine; creation and evolution. If evolution is true, your body’s a collection of chemicals that got together by chance over billions of years, so you treat diseases by adding more chemicals. That’s the whole philosophy behind the drug therapy; you have a pain? Take a pill. The other, totally different philosophy is “hey, you’re created by God, and he designed the food, and the herbs (Psalm 104:14).” The herbs are for the service of man, and so you treat, or you prevent problems with what you eat.

– Kent Hovind

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Quotes on Food from Geoffrey West

A human being at rest runs on 90 watts. That’s how much power you need just to lie down. And if you’re a hunter-gatherer and you live in the Amazon, you’ll need about 250 watts. That’s how much energy it takes to run about and find food. So how much energy does our lifestyle [in America] require? Well, when you add up all our calories and then you add up the energy needed to run the computer and the air-conditioner, you get an incredibly large number,

somewhere around 11,000 watts. Now you can ask yourself: What kind of animal requires 11,000 watts to live? And what you find is that we have created a lifestyle where we need more watts than a blue whale. We require more energy than the biggest animal that has ever existed. That is why our lifestyle is unsustainable. We can’t have seven billion blue whales on this planet. It’s not even clear that we can afford to have 300 million blue whales.

– Geoffrey West

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