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Quotes About Food

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Quotes About Food from Bread

Roti kapda aur makan (food, clothes and shelter)

– Bread


Quotes About Food from Galen

He who has two cakes of bread, let him dispose of one of them for some flowers of the narcissus; for bread is the food of the body, and the narcissus is the food of the soul.

– Galen

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Quotes About Food from I Am Legend (film)

My name is Robert Neville. I am a survivor living in New York City. I am broadcasting on all AM frequencies. I will be at the South Street Seaport everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there… if anyone is out there… I can provide food, I can provide shelter, I can provide security. If there’s anybody out there… anybody… please. You are not alone.

– I Am Legend (film)

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Quotes About Food from Jan Smuts

The war was fought throughout and ultimately won, not only by the usual military weapons in the narrower sense, but by the whole economic, industrial, and financial systems of the belligerent Powers. Food, shipping, metals and raw materials, credit, transport, industries and factories of all kinds played just as important a part as guns, rifles, aeroplanes, tanks, explosives and gas, warships and submarines.

– Jan Smuts

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Quotes About Food from Origen

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Quotes About Food from Kent Hovind

Jesus told His disciples all about the tribulation they WOULD have to endure and NONE of them ran off to a cabin in the woods and began gathering food and ammunition! They ALL went out to win souls like crazy! They understood full well about the “prize” offered to those who endured to the end!

– Kent Hovind

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Quotes About Food from Digestion

Foods are digested in the human body to glucose, fatty acids, amino acids, and so on. These are used to produce energy to work and synthesize biomolecules, such as protein, nucleic acids, carbohydrate, and lipids. These changes are performed in cells and called metabolism. The metabolic pathways are composed of chemical reactions, which are catalyzed by enzyme.

– Digestion

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Quotes About Food from Muhammad


Quotes About Food from M. S. Swaminathan

Let me make it very clear that the days of cheap food are over, just as the days of cheap oil are over

– M. S. Swaminathan


Quotes About Food from Parvati

One day when Shiva had finished eating, he called to his wife Parvati to come and take her food too before it got cold. She pleaded that she had not finished repeating, according to her daily wont, the thousand names of Vishnu; whereupon her husband instructed her that it would suffice if she said the mere name of ‘Rama’ once for that had as much virtue as all the thousand.

– Parvati

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Quotes About Food from Josiah Gilbert Holland

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Quotes About Food from Donald Trump

Today, homeownership is at its lowest rate in 51 years. … Lowest that its been in so many years, 51 years. Nearly 12 million people and more Americans are dependent on food stamps and 2 million more Latino Americans live in poverty under Obama and Clinton — under Obama; because Clinton’s just gonna carry on.

– Donald Trump

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Quotes About Food from Durga

Worship may be on a small scale, with household altars and family ceremonies, or it may be on a larger community scale, with large shrines, jeweled statues, and sacred food piled high on silver trays, at festivals such as Durga Puja and Kali Puja.

– Durga

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Quotes About Food from Drummer Hodge

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Quotes About Food from Samuel Garth

Hard was their lodging, homely was their food;
For all their luxury was doing good.

– Samuel Garth

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Quotes About Food from Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

underdogging – the tendency to almost invariably side with the underdog in a given situation. The consumer expression of this trait is the purchasing of less successful, “sad”, or failing products: “I know these Vienna franks are heart failure on a stick, but they were so sad looking up against all the other yuppie food items that I just had to buy them.” (page 137)

– Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture

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Quotes About Food from Gertrude Breslau Hunt

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The people are starving. They need food; they need medicine; they need education. They do not need a skyscraper to house the ruling party and a 24-hour TV station.

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Quotes About Food from Robert A. Heinlein

Life is not merely persistent, as Jock puts it; life is explosive. The basic theorem of population mathematics to which there has never been found an exception is that population increases always, not merely up to the extent of the food supply, but beyond it, to the minimum diet that will sustain life—the ragged edge of starvation.

– Robert A. Heinlein

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Quotes About Food from Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Quotes About Food from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (film)

Hey! This mess we’re in is all our faults. Me, I didn’t even protect my own son. Look, I’m as mad at Flint as you are. In fact, when he gets out of that car, I’m gonna slap him in the face. I know Flint Lockwood made the food, but it was made to order, and now it’s time for all of us to pay the bill.

– Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (film)

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Quotes About Food from Music

Give me some music; music, moody food
Of us that trade in love.

– Music


Quotes About Food from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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Quotes About Food from Haste

He tires betimes that spurs too fast betimes;
With eager feeding food doth choke the feeder.

– Haste


Referring to S.982: “A bill to protect the public health by providing the Food and Drug Administration with certain authority to regulate tobacco products

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Quotes About Food from Mikha’il Na’ima

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Quotes About Food from Fermentation in food processing

Gay-Lussac found that food treated by Appert’s method was quite stable, but as soon as it was exposed to air, fermentation and/or putrefaction set in. Further experiments enabled Gay-Lussac to prove that air was the causative agent, and that if liquid foods were actually boiled, and then exposed to air, then the onset of the two processes was delayed. He also found that if brewer’s yeast was heated, it was incapable of initiating fermentations.

– Fermentation in food processing

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Quotes About Food from The Diamond Age

It was a vast open marketplace with thousands of stalls, filled with carts and runners carrying product in all directions. But no vegetables, fish, spices, or fodder were to be seen here; all the product was information written down in books…. Book-carriers bumped into each other, compared notes as to what they were carrying and where they were going, and swapped books for other books. Stacks of books were sold in great, raucous auctions—and paid for not with gold but with other books. Around the edges of the market were stalls where books were exchanged for gold, and beyond that, a few alleys where gold could be exchanged for food.

– The Diamond Age

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Quotes About Food from Mark Satin

Mark Satin has thrown himself, as much as any man can, into helping his draft-evading contemporaries. For the first time in his twenty years, he has found a cause he can believe in. Seven days a week, from nine in the morning until, often, very late at night, he runs the SUPA Anti-Draft programme. … On my first visit, there were ten to fifteen young Americans drifting in and out of the SUPA office. Some were settled for the evening in the elderly but comfortable furniture (all donated). They were reading, napping, gassing; some writing letters, one strumming a guitar. There was a mail basket and someone to take and pass on messages; a hot plate, an assortment of instant foods. There’s always someone’s baggage lying around. … All the young Americans seem to respond to Mark Satin. His enthusiasm for the job and general air of unflappability seem catching.

– Mark Satin

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