Best 21 Healthy Food Quotes

Healthy Food Quotes

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Healthy Food Quotes from Nigella Lawson

But I do think that women who spend all their lives on a diet probably have a miserable sex life: if your body is the enemy, how can you relax and take pleasure? Everything is about control, rather than relaxing, about holding everything in.

– Nigella Lawson

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If perfect health is the best preventive and security against disease, and if a well-selected and properly administered vegetable diet is best calculated to promote and preserve that perfect health, then this part of the subject — what I have ventured to call the medical argument — is at once disposed of.


Healthy Food Quotes from Ganges in Hinduism

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Healthy Food Quotes from Cyrus the Great

Do what you want, but be prepared in that case to be ruled rather than to rule others… Soft countries breed soft men. For it is not possible for the same land to bear both wonderful fruits and men who are good at war.

– Cyrus the Great

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Healthy Food Quotes from Joel Fuhrman

Whether you eat a vegetarian diet or you include a very small amount of animal foods, for optimal health you must get the majority of calories from unrefined plant food with a minimal amount of animal products. A large quantity of unrefined plant food grants the greatest protection against developing serious disease.

– Joel Fuhrman

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Healthy Food Quotes from Opinion


Healthy Food Quotes from Caldwell Esselstyn

[Responding to the argument that a plant-based diet is extreme] Half a million people a year will have their chests opened up and a vein taken from their leg and sewn onto their coronary artery. Some people would call that “extreme”.

– Caldwell Esselstyn

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Healthy Food Quotes from DeBarra Mayo

To maintain good health requires good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise.

– DeBarra Mayo

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Healthy Food Quotes from Alfred de Zayas

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Healthy Food Quotes from The Astonishing Hypothesis

The mysterious aspects of consciousness might disappear, just as the mysterious apects of embryology have largely disappeared now that we know the capabilities of DNA, RNA, and protein.

– The Astonishing Hypothesis


Healthy Food Quotes from Clothing

Be plain in dress, and sober in your diet;
In short, my deary, kiss me! and be quiet.

– Clothing


Healthy Food Quotes from Durga

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Healthy Food Quotes from Liberal democracy

Ascribing human brotherhood, social justice, world peace, self-sacrifice and compassion to Christianity and Islam is tantamount to proclaiming that the wolf is a votary of vegetarianism.

– Liberal democracy

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Healthy Food Quotes from Richard Dawkins

To explain the origin of the DNA/protein machine by invoking a supernatural Designer is to explain precisely nothing, for it leaves unexplained the origin of the Designer.

– Richard Dawkins

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Healthy Food Quotes from Bill Bailey

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Healthy Food Quotes from Edgar Allan Poe

Thou wast that all to me, love,
For which my soul did pine —

A green isle in the sea, love,
A fountain and a shrine,
All wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers,
And all the flowers were mine.

– Edgar Allan Poe

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Healthy Food Quotes from Morarji Desai

Vegetarianism alone can give us the quality of compassion, which distinguishes man from the rest of the animal world.

– Morarji Desai

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Healthy Food Quotes from Hereward Carrington

When the soil is given up to the feeding of cattle, upon which man is to feed, the given area of land would supply far less nutriment, so to speak, than would the same soil, if grains were raised upon it…

– Hereward Carrington

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Healthy Food Quotes from Ossip Zadkine

Fortunately, a sculptor’s style and aim are, to a great extent, dictated to him by his materials. To make a sculpture seem at all moving or inspiring, an artist must, of course, be gifted with a certain personality that speaks movingly through the subject and materials of his work. But he must select appropriate materials, and use them appropriately, too.. .My materials often dictate my change of aims, and I choose to work in a different material much as a man may suddenly feel an appetite for a change in diet. [c. 1960]

– Ossip Zadkine

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Healthy Food Quotes from Nina Shatskaya

I’ve noticed, the wealthy part of my audience is unable to take in classical Romance for more than 40 minutes, one hour for them is maximum. The Art is to be apportioned for them in small doses. Like vitamins which are good for you in tiny portions but could be poisonous when taken in a bulk. Intelligentsia is prepared for such vitamins, while nouve riches are not. They have to begin with homeopathic doses.

– Nina Shatskaya

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